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We Make Innovative Climate Projects Happen

Resourceful Approaches to

Clean + Resilient + Equitable, Community-Centric

Energy & Infrastructure Projects

Our interactions with Beacon Climate have been characterized by high professionalism, ensuring that the project ran smoothly and efficiently. 


Project: "Harmony"
Resilient Clean Power Hub for EV Charging & Grid Support

Private-public, community centric partnership using advanced battery and fast charging technologies with versatile transactional platform


Project "Rising":
Comfort + Energy Savings for Low Income Housing Residents & Utility Demand Response Resource

Technology Combo:  Advanced air source heat pumps with integrated thermal storage and flexible load features aggregated and optimized on Virtual Power Plant (VPP) platform. 


Project: "Double Eagle"
Optimized DER Deployment for Country Club

Phased approach to DER deployment, starting with roof mounted PV systems.  On to energy storage to reduce peak demand and PV carports with EV charging infrastructure.

Project: "Breath Easy"
Real Time Carbon Tracking for Local Utility Network

Phased deployment of powerful digital platform that cost-effectively establishes GHG baseline (inventory) for electric consumption, enables scenario assessment of climate measures and continuously tracks progress, ultimately empowering real time carbon reduction optimization strategies.

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