The New Normal Should be Better Than the Old One

Beacon Climate Innovations believes that in the New Normal, our communities and the infrastructure on which they rest can be reinforced or rebuilt on the pillars of:

  • Resilience and Anti-Fragility

  • Sustainability

  • Justice and Equity

  • Cost-Effectiveness

MHA profile.jpg

Moneer H. Azzam


Over 30 years of experience in the sustainable infrastructure and energy industry with thousands of projects and tens of thousands of systems across the globe under his belt.

  • Founder and CEO of SolarOne Solutions, Inc.

  • Served on boards for several organizations (e.g. SEBANE, Solar Dynamics)

  • Founded, served and chaired several standards organizations (e.g. IEC, CSL, SEPA)

  • Advisor to several clean-tech firms

  • Extensive product and project development and commercialization background

Trees From Above

Proud Member of Greentown Labs Community

Largest Climatetech incubator in North America

As an active member of GTL, Beacon Climate is part of a thriving pool of highly capable, innovative resources in which to engage and apply in solving Climate Challenges.


Small Sampling of Past Projects & End-Users

3 Decades and Counting

National Park Service

Off-Grid Power Dangling Rope Marina

City of Somerville

Community Bike Path - Smart City


Arizona Public Service

Off-Grid Cell Tower Power (Photo courtesy of APS)

Cell site.jpg
City of Toronto Street Furniture.jpg

City of Toronto

Street Furniture and Advertising Power


Masdar City

Roadway and Parking Lot Lighting

Masdar with Deval.jpg
Bixxy Chicago.jpg

City of Chicago

Bike Share Ad System Power


US Coast Guard

Grid-Connected PV System - Boston MA

Custom House boston PV system.jpg

Gansevoort Peninsula

Park Lighting - NYC