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Resilient Energy & Infrastructure Consortium

SAVE THE DATE - Tuesday Nov 5th 3:30 to 5pm Part 2 in our hybrid series:   Transforming Communities in Need of Climate Solutions into Vibrant Markets for DER Climate Technologies is now set for Tuesday, December 5 from 3:30 pm to 5:00 PM at Greentown Labs, 444 Somerville Ave, Somerville MA or virtually via Zoom.  This roundtable's focus will be on de-risking and/or enhancing risk tolerance for crossing market barriers.   Panel will consist of a diverse cross-section of representatives from Municipal and State Government, Community Based Organizations, Climate-tech and Minority-Women Business Enterprises.  The discussion is intended to spur creative problem solving, critical thinking and constructive information exchange around the focus topic.  Discussion will be moderated by Julie Smith-Galvin of Green Path Strategies.  Registration information will be available soon.   In-person attendance will be limited.  Early registration is encouraged to reserve an in-person spot.  E-mail if you are interested and not already on the RE&IC mailing list.

Resources: events
Image by Kenny Eliason


Greentown Lab’s annual climate tech Summit

BCI’s Partnership with T.R.U.E. Diversity Highlighted at NECEC & Greentown Labs “Local Action” Forum 

Don’t miss Greentown Lab’s annual climate tech summit. November 1st  in Houston and November 2nd in Somerville. Beacon Climate will be showcasing at the Somerville location on November 2nd.  We hope to see you there. Details and in-person or streaming ticket registration can be found at  Climatetech Summit 2023 - Greentown Labs.

NECEC’S “Local Action” Event

BCI’s Partnership with T.R.U.E. Diversity Highlighted at NECEC & Greentown Labs “Local Action” Forum 

Beacon Climate’s Principal, Moneer Azzam, joined T.R.U.E Diversity’s, founder and CEO Tanya Lobo (see spotlight below) and Greentown’s VP of Partnership, Maya Nitzberg to discuss the origins and direction of the partnership serving the sizable EJ community in Taunton. They described the breadth of the partnership, which includes several municipal entities (e.g., the Taunton Housing Authority, Taunton Municipal Lighting Plant, Taunton Emergency Management Agency), local/regional schools (e.g.,  Bristol Plymouth Vocational Tech, Bristol Community College), local businesses (e.g., local banks, trades, professional services), and other community based organizations (e.g., T.R.U.E. Diversity, YouthBuild, and local houses of worship).


December 7, 2-3:30 PM

The Resilient Energy & Infrastructure Consortium (RE&IC) is hosting the 3rd lighting value pitch session for municipalities and communities. Hear about innovative technologies and platforms for distributed energy storage, ZEV recharge/refuel, geothermal, workforce development and more.  Join colleagues from cities, towns, and communities across the country to ask questions, get info, exchange ideas, network and create rewarding opportunities for implementing holistic decarbonization and climate adaptive projects and programs.  


Check out recording from June 2, 2021 at 12 pm ET

Beacon Climate working with a cohort of Tufts Students has conducted a study on municipal decision-making practices with respect to climate action and opportunities for the emerging climate-tech industry. The session presented a summary of the study and a roadmap that can bring one of the key frontlines of climate change closer to tailor solutions from start up communities like Greentown Labs Community

"Getting Religion" on Climate Change

"Life on our Planet" by David Attenborough is akin to the Bible, Q'uran or Talmud for climate change

This article makes the argument for combining the rigor of science - to understand the problems and develop effective technical solutions - with the examples from religion  - to rapidly "spread the word" and effect widespread behavioral changes - in order to address the consequences of climate change, before its too late.

Beacon Climate's Pubpower Presentation

Greentown Lab's Climatetech Summit

Greentown Lab's biggest event of the year with a great set of panels addressing Climate Justice, Policy, Finance and Investment.  2,500 attendees and 100+ startups.  Beacon Climate rolled out its "Pub-Power" approach to advancing deployment of Community Microgrids.  Click button below to watch recording and check out our blog relating microbreweries to microgrids

Latest Article in the Series.....

The Case for DER Microgrids as Part of Community Resilience Measures

Community Microgrids is the topic for the next in the series about innovative sustainable technologies, platforms and services for Municipalities at the Frontlines of Climate Change.  The grid is a core element to critical infrastructure in any climate action plan.  Community microgrids are quickly becoming a sensible path to mitigating GHG, safeguarding the grid, preparing for the worst - along with a host of other benefits.

Second Article in the Series

The Case for Grid-Independent Solar Lighting as Part of Community Resilience Measures

This is the first of several articles stemming from Municipals at the Frontlines of Climate Change article introducing specific "sustainable"  technologies, platforms and services that also provide resilience and anti-fragility against the unavoidable consequences of climate change. Grid independent and grid back up solar lighting of public spaces is the quintessential example of such a technology and has been commercially employed by municipalities and businesses for some time.  It should represent "low hanging fruit" to start meaningfully implementing climate action plans with equipment in the ground.

Muni Voices on Climate Action:  Session 3

Who's Leading the Charge?

Dr Joan Fitzgerald of Professor of Urban  Planning and author of recent book:  Greenovations, Urban Leadership in the Climate Crisis and Dr. Jacquie Ashmore; Director of Boston University's Institute for Sustainable Energy and coauthor of several recent studies of municipal climate efforts in the wake of COVID discussed their respective work and the current landscape for the fight against climate change amongst municipalities.  It was an amazing discussion, well worth the watch.

Muni Voices on Climate Action Session 2

Municipal Voices:  Sustainability Directors on the Frontlines of Climate Change

This Sept 30th event was a very engaging, informative discussion with sustainability officers and directors from Houston TX, Boulder CO, Somerville and Concord MA.  They are amazing folks in vitally important roles pursuing sea change objectives.  Click button below to watch recording and check out Beacon Climate related blog post.

Muni Voices on Climate Resilience and Justice.  Session 1

Fireside Chat with Dr. Atiya Martin

Greentown Labs with support from Beacon Climate Innovations and JSG Communications kicked off a critical and timely new series: “Municipal Voices: On the Frontlines of Climate Resilience and Justice” with a Fireside Chat featuring Dr. S. Atyia Martin, CEM of All Aces, Inc.! It was a most thought-provoking and inspirational conversation. If you missed it, click on the link to listen to a recording.

BU ISE Climate Justice Webinar

Energy of the Future: Enhancing Social Equity in City Climate Action and Sustainability Planning

This BU Institute for Sustainability webinar on climate justice is well worth the 90 minutes to watch. Aside from data, analysis and program descriptions from experts, it includes a critical perspective from a remarkable grass-roots activist who comes from and is living in a very vulnerable community.   Viewer gets a real taste of the challenges she faces on a daily basis juxtaposed over the findings of the professors and and program administrator.

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