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Dec 2 at 3 pm ET

Many municipalities embrace a “not early adopter” stance, focusing their resources on studies and consultants to navigate the climate crises for their constituencies. Then there are those cities and towns who are learning by doing. This includes specific endeavors to decarbonize, electrify, enhance mobility, bolster resilience and “districtize” heating & cooling. Many such efforts are weaving equity and climate justice into the fabric of these measures. These municipalities are the climate change leaders.
This event brings two authors who have recently published extensive works on municipal climate leadership. They will discuss the stories that they have researched, their findings - including COVID’s impact on plans - and how things might change under the Biden administration. This discussion is guaranteed to be a source of ideas, target customers and inspiration for the Greentown community and beyond.

Latest Article in the Series.....

Community Microgrids is the topic for the next in the series about innovative sustainable technologies, platforms and services for Municipalities at the Frontlines of Climate Change.  The grid is a core element to critical infrastructure in any climate action plan.  Community microgrids are quickly becoming a sensible path to mitigating GHG, safeguarding the grid, preparing for the worst - along with a host of other benefits.


Second Article in the Series

The Case for Grid-Independent Solar Lighting as Part of Community Resilience Measures

This is the first of several articles stemming from Municipals at the Frontlines of Climate Change article introducing specific "sustainable"  technologies, platforms and services that also provide resilience and anti-fragility against the unavoidable consequences of climate change. Grid independent and grid back up solar lighting of public spaces is the quintessential example of such a technology and has been commercially employed by municipalities and businesses for some time.  It should represent "low hanging fruit" to start meaningfully implementing climate action plans with equipment in the ground.


Recent Event

Greentown Lab's Climatetech Summit

Greentown Lab's biggest event of the year with a great set of panels addressing Climate Justice, Policy, Finance and Investment.  2,500 attendees and 100+ startups.  Beacon Climate rolled out its "Pub-Power" approach to advancing deployment of Community Microgrids.  Click button below to watch recording and check out our blog relating microbreweries to microgrids


Recent Event

This Sept 30th event was a very engaging, informative discussion with sustainability officers and directors from Houston TX, Boulder CO, Somerville and Concord MA.  They are amazing folks in vitally important roles pursuing sea change objectives.  Click button below to watch recording and check out Beacon Climate related blog post.


Recent Event

This BU Institute for Sustainability webinar on climate justice is well worth the 90 minutes to watch. Aside from data, analysis and program descriptions from experts, it includes a critical perspective from a remarkable grass-roots activist who comes from and is living in a very vulnerable community.   Viewer gets a real taste of the challenges she faces on a daily basis juxtaposed over the findings of the professors and and program administrator.


Recent Event

Greentown Labs with support from Beacon Climate Innovations and JSG Communications kicked off a critical and timely new series: “Municipal Voices: On the Frontlines of Climate Resilience and Justice” with a Fireside Chat featuring Dr. S. Atyia Martin, CEM of All Aces, Inc.! It was a most thought-provoking and inspirational conversation. If you missed it, click on the link to listen to a recording.


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