Guiding Municipalities and Businesses to Effective Climate Change Solutions


Bundling Technologies...

  • Distributed Energy Resources DER- (e.g. PV, Wind)

  • Off Grid, Micro Grid, Smart Grid

  • Lighting, Telecom, Smart City

  • Water & Storm Smart Management

  • Building Technologies

  • Air Quality Management

  • Geothermal


Service Providers...

  • DSM & DER Optimization

  • Enterprise and Asset Management Platforms

  • Community Solar

  • Lighting and HVAC Design

  • ESCO

  • Cost, Performance, Resiliency Assessment


and Finance Solutions

  • Institutional

  • PPA or EPC

  • SPVs

  • XaaS

  • Crowd-Funding

  • Leveraging Grants

  • Incentives

  • Insurance


Beacon Climate's Flexible Approach

  • We bring deep experience and creativity to solving climate challenges.

  • Extensive network of suppliers, technologies, customers and partners.

  • Climate Resilient, Carbon Redux, Ecologically Just & Cost Effective.


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444 Somerville Avenue
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