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What's in a Logo?

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Answer… A LOT of thought. It should convey your business’s mission, reinforce its primary attributes, and support its narrative… while walking the line between eye-catching/memorable and harmony with complementary endeavors. Beacon Climate’s logo is a “shining” example of this (sorry for the pun). The Company is dedicated to facilitating widespread adoption of sustainable energy, resilient infrastructure & communities, and respect for the environment & each other, through collaboration, guidance, and innovation. Can you recognize all the symbols in this logo that support this mission? Give it a little thought before scrolling down for the complete picture.

While you are contemplating the logo, I should mention that this logo was done by Joe Hayes, a young up-and-coming logo and graphic arts designer in Upstate New York. One can develop their logo from one of those logo builder websites or use an online service where graphic artists submit competitive designs, but those processes miss a unique opportunity to refine your company’s mission and define its presence. Joe worked in close collaboration with me; brainstorming ideas, iterating concepts, and refining designs until we achieved just the right message and balance. If you are launching a new business or re-branding for the “new normal”, definitely consider reaching out to Joe as a prospective resource.

OK, let’s see how you did….

a. Propeller Wing Seed. These maple tree seeds are a quintessential representation of collaboration, antifragility and simpatico with nature. They are aerodynamically designed to stay afloat and drift with the wind, creating a new, natural, and resilient structure just far enough from the roots and shade of the original structure, allowing both to thrive in harmony. It’s also about spreading the word and seeding new ideas.

b. Donut. The exciting new approach of “Donut Economics” is creating the necessary framework for the transition to sustainability & resilient. It is an integral part of Beacon Climate’s underlying philosophy.

c. BC. Beacon Climate (Admittedly the “B” is a bit esoteric)

d. Lighthouse. A guiding light represents hope, navigating challenges to safe harbor and a better world. Much of my career has been dedicated in one form or fashion to “light” (photovoltaic power, solar lighting of public lighting). It also happens to be a translation of my name.

Lastly, we wanted a logo that harmonized with the ecosystem that Beacon Climate is part of and supports, Greentown Labs.

How did you do? More importantly, how did we do? Please post your comments below or send me your thoughts.

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