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Texas Power Situation is Showing that Being On the Cold Seat is Just as Bad as the Hot One

The rolling blackouts and power outages in California caused by wildfires are now getting repeated in Texas, but this time by cold and ice. Contrary to Governor Abbott's assertion on Fox News, the conversion to renewable energy is NOT to blame. This is a changing climate, poor planning and willful ignorance coming to roost. These events have long been predicted. Each and every state, country and city has significant vulnerabilities in the face of climate change, and any one of them can be next to suffer devastating systemwide power and heating failures.

Resilient solutions are at hand. It is a sampling of these solutions that are the subject of the series of "Making the Case for...." articles on various hazard + carbon mitigation technologies. The latest article is about the geothermal and heat pump technologies with thermal storage. Previous articles have discussed microgrids and solar powered lighting. They stem from previous articles about the imperative to change conventional mindsets when dealing with unprecedented threats. In aggregate, these articles constitute an appeal for WWII and COVID19 vaccine levels of effort to bring these and other climate solutions to scale in short order and make them available to everyone in all walks of life and corners of the world.

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