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Forward Reflections for 2023

For Beacon Climate and I, 2022 had many rewards. It was also full of frustrations. Progress on some key endeavors was slower and harder fought than hoped. Nevertheless, some pivotal initiatives were launched in 2022 that set the stage for a 2023 of much greater strides. So rather than reflect on the year past, I decided to do a little projecting forward to the year ahead. Consider these, with a little help from our ecosystem (to paraphrase the Beatles song) as “coming attractions”

Beacon Climate Innovations (BCI) will be spawning the development and implementation of several exciting projects through endeavors that include:

  • Development of “Resilience Hub” and beneficial electrification roadmaps for specific disadvantage communities (DACs). Local coalition building is an integral part of these initiatives

  • Development of strategic municipal fleet conversion and charging network roadmap.

  • Specification and bid solicitation for PV + storage + charging projects that range in size from 50 kW to 4 MW (PV) and 80 kW-hr to 2.5 MWh (storage) in retail, commercial, municipal and leisure settings

The Resilient Energy and Infrastructure Consortium at Greentown will transition from ad-hoc to intentional – centralizing its focus on integrating Justice 40 principles into its mission – becoming the Just & Resilient Energy and Infrastructure Consortium (J-REIC) @ Greentown. In this embodiment, even greater community engagement, equitable climate solution development and real project opportunities can be expected.

The above-mentioned initiatives provide a deep bench of resources and real-world data to support BCI’s nascent CEERUM Information System. BCI + partners + end-users will be commencing work early in the new year to give great momentum to this “enabling digital platform” that “accelerates effective local energy resource development”.

Teaching Entrepreneurship at Tufts this next semester has its role to play in all this too. The university brings a vast network of thought leaders, information portals, expertise and student resources that can add value and take benefit from this evolving platform in countless ways.

While many planets are aligned for the 2023 vision to fully materialize, a fair bit must still fall in place. If there is something in this 2023 preview where a clear opportunity to add value and take benefit presents itself, please don’t hesitate to reach out. If our response is slow in coming, some patience will be appreciated. Even a tad of appropriate persistence will be welcomed. Regardless, it is my sincere hope that Beacon Climate's network continues to expand, engage and thrive - with anyone reading this an integral part of it.

Before the year with all its promise gets underway, we still plan on ringing it in properly by reflecting on the good fortunes of 2022 and the privilege we have had enjoyed in being a member of a diverse community made up of impassioned, wonderful people like yourselves.

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