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Rebooting Through Climate Action: America 2.0

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

In January of this year, I published an article entitled, "The Good Resilience Imperative, No Time to Dilly Dally". Then in early April, as the brunt of COVID 19 was upon us, I published a follow up article entitled, "Is the COVID-19 Pandemic the Pearl Harbor of Meaningful Climate Action". Both these articles draw parallels and connections to the last time the globe faced a major existential threat: WWII. Throughout the articles are citations of compelling references detailing the cooperation, innovation and sacrifices that enabled our civilization to prevail over the threat. The abundant evidence from this past provides a source of vital lessons and inspiration to help overcome the Climate Threat before us today. We have much better tools and knowledge to boot.

Admittedly, between COVID, Recession and George Floyd, it would seem that the barriers to taking immediate action against Climate Change have really stacked up. In fact, these events are tightly connected. Compassionate leadership can turn these barriers into great opportunity, addressing these interdependent problems through decisive efforts that mobilize, innovate and unify.

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